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Trifala Guggul tablets 100 tabs

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Trifala Guggul is a practitioner’s product. To be taken under qualified Ayurvedic practitioner supervision.

Trufala is the celebrated powerful antioxidant with multiple health benefits made with equal parts of Indian gooseberry -Amla fruit- Emblica, officinale, Bibhitaki- terminalua belerica, Haritaki- terminalia chebula. When combined with Guggul gum obtained from the bark of comiphora Mukul tree Trifala Guvhgul makes a key supplement in natural support for normal cholesterol, weight, cardiovascular health, fat in the body, inflammation, and normal healthy joints.

Recommendation dose: 1-2 500mg tablets 2 to 3 times a day or as advised by your qualified practitioner.

Not suitable for children or in pregnancy.

Consult a doctor or qualified practitioner if you suffer from a medical condition.