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Dr Shijoe Mathew - Ayurvedic Doctor - Ayurveda - Circle

Dr. Shijoe Mathew

Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr. Shijoe Mathew Anchery was born in Kuwait and raised in Kerala, South India. Dr. Mathew was influenced by the Ayurvedic heritage in his family early on and eventually decided to dedicate his life to practicing and sharing this ancient knowledge. Dr. Mathew has been an Ayurvedic physician for more than a decade, most notably at Ananda in the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India. He has consulted and dispensed Ayurvedic remedies & wellness advice to patients suffering from chronic illnesses and in the process built deep & lasting relationships with a very diverse clientele both in India and UK. Currently, Dr. Mathew is working on developing a holistic ‘vedic lifestyle’ format for natural wellness and preventive healthcare — based on the principles of the Ashtanga Hrudaya and Ayurvedic traditions of Kerala. His practice at The Circle Brighton, UK mainly focuses on dosha diagnosis-based body balancing, Chronic health issues, Panchakarma and Ayurvedic lifestyle planning.

Debbie Ghiaci - Yoga - Well Women Yoga - Circle - Portslade

Debbie Ghiaci


Debbie has been practising yoga for 12 years originally inspired by the Iyengar tradition and has been teaching yoga since 2015. She completed a 500-hour yoga diploma with The British Wheel of Yoga and is a Birthlight trained teacher in Well Woman yoga. She teaches in the traditional Hatha style with a focus on mind and body connection through breath, movement and yoga postures. She has special interests in Well Woman yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra. Debbie’s aim is to teach students safe and effective practices with outstanding results using movement, breath and guided relaxation. Well woman yoga is practised using classical yoga poses adapted to female needs, treating symptoms of stress, anxiety, menstrual irregularities, menopause and breast health.

Claire Ghiaci - Massage - Reflexology - Swedish - Deep Tissue - Circle - Portslade

Claire Ghiaci

Massage & Reflexology

Claire Ghiaci is a VTCT trained and qualified Holistic therapist with 5 years’ experience. She never compromises on caring or focus to target the real reason someone needs a treatment. She is often complemented on how she really listens to what the client needs and intuitively feels exactly where the problem lies. Claire is not happy until she solves the problem! While she has strong, healing hands, Claire can adapt to a soft relaxation treatment if that is what suits you.

Smita Patel - Rahanni Healing - Circle - Portslade

Smita Patel

Rahanni Healing

Smita is a life coach and therapist assisting people to overcome their challenges, releasing anything that holds them back, and owning who they were born to be. She helps people to unleash their own magnificence and powerfully take action to craft their best possible future.

Menchu Aquero - Pilates - Circle - Portslade

Menchu Aquero


Menchu is trained in contemporary dance and Hatha Yoga as well as classical Pilates. Her classes are always dynamic and challenging as well as being fun.

Kay Baxter - Pilates - Circle - Portslade

Kay Baxter


Kay has always been very enthusiastic and passionate about Health & Fitness. She believes that if you look after your body it will look after your mind. She is very keen that everyone she works with enjoys their sessions – exercise should be fun.

Sian Eaton

Sian Eaton


Sian has been an osteopath for the last 15yrs and qualified at the University Collage of Osteopathy (formally British School of Osteopathy). When she first graduated she spent the first 5years working in a large multidisciplinary clinic in Suffolk.

She then moved to London to work in a busy West end clinic and was there for 10 years. During that period Sian also started working as a clinic tutor at The University Collage of Osteopathy and still travels to London weekly to tutor. 

Sian recently left London with her family and is now based on the south coast. 

Sian is an experienced clinician and treats a wide variety of patients. Her time in Suffolk gave her the chance to experience treating all ages of patients and to get a good understanding of a multidisciplinary approach. Then Covent Garden gave her the opportunity to treat a patient base largely focused on sports injuries and exercise based problems. 

Sian is currently studying paediatric osteopathy which she hopes will further her understanding of treating babies and young children.



Annie Villa - Acupuncture - Circle - Portslade

Annie Villa


Annie has a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Acupuncture she studied full time at the prestigious International College of Oriental Medicine accredited to The University of Greenwich. Her training includes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Five Element Acupuncture and Stems and Branches as well as cupping and cosmetic facial acupuncture she is a fully certified member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

Nigel Howell - Physiotherapist - Physio - Circle - Portslade

Nigel Howell


Trevor Gunn

Trevor Gunn


The word homeopathy means ‘similar suffering’: (Greek). Homeo’ = like, similar and ‘Pathy’ or ‘Pathos’ = suffering, feeling - and is based on the principle often described as ‘like curing like’. This means that a remedy capable of producing a pattern of symptoms in a healthy person, when administered to a person experiencing similar symptoms, will cure that person. Therefore, the appropriate ‘homeopathic’ remedy for an individual is the remedy that is able to produce the very symptoms that patient is experiencing.

Many reactions of the body in disease (symptoms of illness) are intelligent reactions designed to heal and keep you alive, and they occur when you have been pushed beyond your normal limits. Your symptoms are often reactions to problems that you are facing. By giving a remedy that stimulates those reactions, we find that in many instances this helps the body to resolve an issue quicker than when using medication to stop those reactions.

Reactions are very individual, this is why different remedies are needed for what may appear to be the same illness in different people. In homeopathy we take into account your physical, mental and emotional symptoms because they are all interconnected and by noting your total symptom picture we are able to help the whole person, and can often help you to eliminate root causes that can similarly be physical, mental or emotional.



jac hunter

Jac Hunter

Nutritional Therapy

Debbie Horney

Debbie Horney

Mindfulness Therapy

A 2,000 year old science of healing and balancing practised in and around the Indian sub-continent.

Heal your body and mind, escape the world and feel soothed and rejuvenated. Perfect for stress....

Reflexology is a clinical targeted foot massage to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

Well woman yoga is practised using classical yoga poses adapted to female needs, treating symptoms of stress...

The word homeopathy means ‘similar suffering’: (Greek). Homeo’ = like, similar and ‘Pathy’ or ‘Pathos’ = suffering, feeling - and is based on the principle often described as ‘like curing like’.

Osteopathy is not just about treating symptoms. Osteopaths are trained to seek out and treat the underlying cause of the pain and can thus also help to prevent future recurrences.

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body.

Hands on or off healing that helps to relieve stress, anxiety, physical, mental or emotional issues. This energy healing is very similar to Reiki but works on a much quicker and deeper level.

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