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Introduction to Ayurveda | Vata, Pitta & Kapha Doshas

Introduction to Ayurveda Doshas

Ayurveda is a traditional system of healthcare, followed in the Indian Subcontinent for the past 5,000 years. It is our very own user manual that explains the various parts of our body, mind and spirit, in a language based on quality, function and purpose. It tells us how to live in order to maintain optimum health, prevent illness and recover from ailments.

Human beings once lived at the mercy of Mother Nature, gradually evolving and adapting to various adverse situations, such as food availability and seasonal changes over many hundred thousand years. This experience was ingrained into our deeper DNA and inner consciousness as a collection of information and abilities. It’s seldom put to use correctly in our current lifestyle.

Humans are intuitive, intelligent and, most importantly, self-healing creatures when we learn to live in harmony with nature: eating seasonally, using fresh ingredients with healing spices.

The common building blocks of all matter according to Ayurvedic philosophy are the 5 elements:

1) Air

2) Space/ Ether

3) Fire

4) Water

5) Earth

The influence of each of these elements on the QUALITIES and FUNCTIONS of our body is evaluated using a simple tool called the TRIDOSHA, namely:


Looking through this lens, Ayurveda enables us to evaluate ourselves and make healthy choices in everyday life.


Representing AIR and SPACE, Vata denotes lightness and movement in our body and mind. Vata creates bouts of uncontrolled energy. Vatas typically have cold hands and feet, with a tendency towards drier skin. They sleep lightly and their digestion is sensitive. Vata nurtures creative and exploratory characters.


Representing FIRE and WATER, Pitta controls the metabolic and transformative function in your body and mind. Pittas have warm body temperature. They sleep soundly for short periods of time, with fiery energy and a strong appetite. Pitta nurtures focus, logical thinking and an analytical character.


Representing WATER and EARTH, Kapha governs the nourishment and respiratory function in our body. Kapha types have a broader build and radiant skin. Emotionally, Kaphas are naturally calm, thoughtful and patient. Kapha nurtures good memory, resilience and a caring character.

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Curious about how Ayurvedic mental health treatment can rebalance your own mind, body and soul? This ancient holistic approach is now available in Brighton & Hove.

We have an Ayurvedic Detox Workshop on 25th April and offer one-to-one appointments with Dr Shijoe Mathew at The Circle Holistic Health Clinic including consultations and massage treatments.

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