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What to Expect from an Ayurvedic Skype Consultation

Ayurvedic Skype Consultation

Ayurvedic Skype Consultation

Most of us are only familiar with visiting our GP when we feel unwell. The doctor diagnoses your sickness and determines which pathogens (bacteria, virus or perhaps a chemical or hormonal imbalance) caused it.

The treatment is then geared towards selecting a technique to battle those pathological factors. The same medicines, procedures and doses are often used by multiple people battling the same symptoms. However, the individual and his or her overall physical and mental condition mostly never enter the discussion.

An Ayurvedic diagnosis and subsequent treatments differ from this Western method: the diagnosis is made, not only through symptom diagnosis but also by determining the mental and physical interactions and imbalances. This exhaustive examination helps us not only diagnose the disorder but also individualise and tailor treatments for each patient.

What is involved in your initial Ayurvedic Skype consultation?

There are 2 main goals involved in your initial consultation:

  1. Discussion of the specific symptoms and ailments in detail and issue natural plant-based remedies.
  2. Understanding the overall physical and mental state of the person. This allows us to find the most suitable diet and lifestyle plan to help address the Dosha imbalance.

How does the Ayurvedic Doctor diagnose me?

To make a diagnosis, the Ayurvedic Doctor uses a method called Rogiroga Pareeksha, which combines disease analysis with a deep examination of each individual.

The Ayurvedic doctor considers the whole human being. So, instead of focusing on treatment or medicine to heal the illness alone, the doctor concentrates on techniques that will also strengthen the healthy elements inherent in everybody, which will, in turn, help the individual to recover and prevent any reoccurrence of health issues.

The process involves questions related to both symptom and diet patterns, discussions about digestion, sleep patterns, as well as mental and emotional wellbeing.

What will the treatment process be after an Ayurvedic consultation?

The Ayurvedic doctor has a wide array of herbs, spices, oils etc. to choose from. Doctors may include a variety of treatments as well as herbs and herbal formulations in an individual’s dincharya (daily recommended routine).

Ayurvedic herbs

Ayurvedic herbal administration is considered a precise science, requiring deep knowledge of plants and their effect on human physiology, biochemistry and psychology. The herbs are bought from accredited UK-based companies who source them from India, conducting all necessary steps to confirm standard and safety.


This multistep detoxification regimen is understood to remove ama (toxin). The regimen includes massage, steam treatment and a specific internal cleansing routine. It can include fasting and a dietary or herbal regimen, oil massages and specific recommendations for daily routines.

Diet and nutrition

Ayurvedic diet and nutrition practices are vital to healthy living and are important components of treatment, recovery and disease management. Dietary practices are tailored to one’s constitution, with six primary “tastes” (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent) and various qualities including acidic, hot, cool and oily. These will form the basis for your doctor’s recommendations.

Ayurvedic massage

Massages are carried out using medicated oils which reduce pain, improve circulation, reduce stiffness and improve strength. Oils are selected and prepared according to the doctor’s specific diagnosis.

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