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Activity Recommended for the Pitta Body Type | Ayurveda Pitta Dosha

Ayurveda Pitta Dosha Body TypeAbout the Pitta Body Type

Pitta represents the Fire & Water elements

The Pitta-type body person has a predisposition towards acidity or gastric issues, headaches, chronic skin conditions, etc. Too much exposure to bright light and heat might aggravate this tendency and cause a variety of symptoms. So, the kind of exercises recommended for Pitta include cooling water-based activities, such as swimming and aqua aerobics.

Excessive cardio in hot and humid climates can cause dehydration, dizziness, headaches, cramps and heat syncope or heatstroke.

Pittas should also make sure that they stay away from the mid-day sun and artificially hot environment activities like hot yoga. Pittas should focus on strengthening and grounding activities with moderate cardio exercises.

Pittas should avoid any strenuous outdoor activities in peak Summertime. Early morning or late evening, when the heat is mild and there is a cool breeze are the best times for outdoor activity.

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