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5 Essential Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Common Child Ailments

Immune Boosting Ayurvedic Home RemediesThe recent outbreak of a new coronavirus, beginning in China, has now spread to every continent on earth except Antarctica. This is close to qualifying it as a global pandemic. Scientists and the public are equally worried due to the nature and extent of this virus attack.

It is important to follow government guidelines if you have any symptoms, or if you are worried about contracting the virus.

I thought it would be good to share some information on natural remedies, such as spices and oils for general illnesses in children as these can help with everyday symptom care.

A major part of Ayurvedic practice lives on in India through its everyday use in the household to treat common ailments.

I first encountered Ayurveda thanks to my mother, who would give me homemade remedies for minor coughs and colds. This laid the foundation for an understanding that food is medicine and the body has a natural ability to heal itself from almost all ailments, provided we give it the right support at the earliest possible time.

Most of the home remedies that I list here are equally suitable for adults and children.

The immune system in children is still maturing and could be negatively impacted by the use of antibiotics and chemical medications. Therefore, it’s particularly important to make the necessary food changes for children, as well as including readily available herbs to support their natural defence mechanisms.

The remedies mentioned below do not represent the full treatment of the issue based on its cause. These are instead simple remedies that can be good substitutes for commonly-used symptomatic over-the-counter remedies currently available to treat them.

5 Ayurvedic Home Remedies

1) Stomach ache

Stomach pain and indigestion can happen in children as a result of hurried eating, digestive issues or after a heavy, low quality or processed meal. Drinking simple warm water is a recommended remedy and delaying a meal until the appetite is stronger is a good first step.

For symptomatic relief, Lovage is an excellent remedy. Lovage plants can be easily grown in the Spring and Summertime; the leaves and seeds can then be dried and stored for long-term use.

Use: Lovage/ Ajwain seeds with a pinch of salt added to clear vegetable soup for indigestion. If your child is not a fan of soups, Ajwain can be mixed with wholewheat flour and made into savoury pancakes as a snack. Link to buy Ajwain

2) The common cold

The common cold and increased mucous tendency is always understood as a viral infection with no treatment needed. Even though the infection is self-limiting, the symptoms of excess mucous, blocked nose, heavy headedness, sensitive nose and a bad taste in the mouth can be addressed using simple home remedies.

Use: ½ teaspoon of Liquorice powder, ½ teaspoon Honey and ¼ teaspoon of Black Pepper to form a paste and put a pea-sized amount on the tongue frequently throughout the day.

Along with this, drink plenty of Ginger, Lemon and Honey water, either warm or at room temperature. This will improve immunity, promote better appetite and clear excess mucus. Link for Liquorice Root

3) Toothache

This tiny part of a child’s body can create massive discomfort because of common gum or root infections. Clove buds in our spice rack have an effective analgesic property and, at the same, time can be used as an antibacterial agent.

Use: apply Clove as an oil or crushed Clove directly into contact with the offending tooth and leave it there for a few minutes. This can be repeated multiple times throughout the day with no side effects. Link for Clove Oil

4) Cough/Sore throat

Irritation in the throat, causing a cough and hoarseness of voice, can be corrected using simple home remedies.

Use: Himalayan rock salt dissolved in warm water and gargle two or three times a day.

Also: A tea prepared with Tulsi and Honey is also an excellent sore-throat remedy. The mixture of Liquorice, Black Pepper and Honey (mentioned for the common cold) is also very good for bringing back a lost voice! Or you may try this ready-made Pukka Tulsi tea

5) Diarrhoea

One of the most dangerous effects of diarrhoea is dehydration. Along with dehydration, the damage to gut bacteria can also cause ill effects in the long term. The best home remedy recommended in Ayurveda is salted Buttermilk with Cumin.

Use: 100 grams of regular yoghurt with 600 ml of cold water, 3 pinches of salt and ½ teaspoon of Cumin seed powder in a smoothie mixer and blend well. Drinking this will rehydrate and nourish the child’s body, while the salt also helps maintain the correct electrolyte balance.

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